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Nicolas Quezada Famous Mata Ortiz Pottery Bowl w/Stand

Nicolas Quezada is Juan Quezada's brother an arguably among the top four potters in Mata Ortiz. He has an unending enthusiasm for working with the clay, and his inventiveness and innovation are literally unparalleled. His designs are pure elegance. He paints long, sharp, curving lines and bands on pottery whose color comes from special combinations of different clays that Nicolas has introduced. Nicolas is discussed on pages 160-163 of the book The Many faces of Mata Ortiz. A bowl similar to the one here is shown on page 162.

The bowl with stand shown here is just another example of his love of pottery. This is one of the pieces of pottery that made Mata Ortiz and Nicolas famous. It is a bowl that is hard to get these days and one that would enhance any collection of Mata Ortiz pottery. It is a large bowl measuring about 14 inches in diameter by 5 1/2 inches high, and it is decorated with superbly executed sweeping bands with eye-dazzling fine-line work on a whitish background. Note the matching decoration of the bowl and the stand, the feature introduced by Nicolas and that made him a household word. This is a true work of art by an indisputable master.

  • Item No.: MO.049
  • Artist: Nicolas Quezada
  • Size: 5 1/2 in Deep x 13 1/2 in Diameter
  • Price: 2,999

    Nicolas Ortiz Mata Ortiz Huge Turtle Effigy

    This is a masterpiece turtle effigy by Nicolas Ortiz possibly the most renowned effigy builder in the world of pottery. Nicolas makes possibly the best effigy pottery anywhere and he is the indisputable effigy master in Mata Ortiz pottery. The large turtle shown here is one of his most outstanding creations. Note the impeccable designs on the turtle's back and edges of its shell. It even has design lines on the underside . Like all his other creations, this pot is superbly polished and decorated by Nicolas. This is also a large piece measuring a FULL 16 inches long by 8 1/2 wide!!

  • Item No.: MO.399
  • Artist: Nicolas Ortiz
  • Size: 16 in Long x 8 1/2 in Wide x 9 in Tall
  • Price: 1,775

    Nico Ortiz Rabbit Effigy Pottery

    Along with his owl effigies, the rabbit is possibly the best known of Nicolas' creations. This kind of pottery is truly a must for collectors of fine pottery, and of Mata Ortiz pottery in particular. Note the precision of the black design on a black background.

  • Item No.: MO.420
  • Artist: Nicolas Ortiz
  • Size: 12 in Long x 6 in Wide
  • Price:

    Nico Ortiz Owl Effigy Pottery

    And finally the owl, Nicolas' most famous creation. Again, the lines are sure and the design a true work of art.

  • Item No.: MO.419
  • Artist: Nicolas Ortiz
  • Size: 13 in H x 6 in Wide
  • Price:

    Ismael Flores Mata Ortiz Fabulous Pottery

    Ismael Flores is an extremely talented potter and a virtuoso designer. His decorations contain both the cuadrito pattern (eye-dazzling designs of checker-board squares of different colors that seem to swim around the pot), as well as sweeping bands and lines in the Quezada style. See the book The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz, page 94 for more information on Ismael.

    The present offering is decorated in the classic Quezada style with fine-line eye dazzling bands and precisely drawn lines covering most of the outside surface of the pot. It is a very large and impressive olla measuring 11 inches in height by 8 inches in diameter and is in mint condition with no scratches, chips or other defects. The pot is, of course, signed by Ismael.

  • Item No.: MO.395
  • Artist: Ismael Flores
  • Size: 11 in H x 9 in D
  • Price: 590

    Carlos Loya Jaquez Eye Dazzler Mata Ortiz Pottery Masterpiece

    Carlos Loya Jaquez is the winner of 1st place in the 2004 Concurso competition in Mata Ortiz in the White Polychrome category. He is known for his swirling, eye-dazzling designs that decorate the present huge piece, measuring 16 inches tall by 9 1/2 inches wide. The essentially unique, turban-like form of this olla that comes with a matching stand is particular to this potter and is made in a various shapes and sizes. This is among the larger pieces we've seen and the design covers the seemingly unending surface flawlessly.

  • Item No.: MO.494
  • Artist: Carlos Loya Jaquez
  • Size: 16 in H x 9 1/2 in D
  • Price: 1,500

    MAURO QUEZADA Stunning Design Mata Ortiz Olla

    Mauro Quezada is a nephew of Juan Quezada and an acknowledged master potter in Mata Ortiz. His tear-drop designs have made the design and him famous. But like all great artists, Mauro can create new designs, as shown by the present offering. The pot has a wider opening then one is accustomed to seeing in Mauro's work, and also a lip around the opening. The rest of the decoration is typically and impeccably Mauro.

    The present vase is quite large measuring 11 1/4 inches high by 9 1/2 inches in diameter at its widest part. It is decorated with perfectly executed Quezada bands in creamy white over a red background.

  • Item No.: MO.400
  • Artist: Mauro Quezada
  • Size: 11 1/4 in H x 9 1/2 in D
  • Price: 899

    Luis Rodriguez Mimbres Mata Ortiz Pottery: The Fisherman

    Luis Rodriguez is a second generation potter who decorates his pots with impeccably drawn designs from the Mimbres period. In this pot he has recreated the figure of a fisherman possibly engaged in the sale of his catch that was used as pottery decoration during Mimbres times.

    The present pot is fairly large by Luis Rodriguez standards, measuring 9 inches tall by 7 wide and is signed by Luis.

  • Item No.: MO.500
  • Artist: Luis Rodriguez
  • Size: 9 in H x 7 in D
  • Price: 425

    Manuel Rodriguez Stunning Mata Ortiz Creation

    Another one of Manuel Rodriguez' astonishing creations.

    The present pottery is decorated with a signature design for Manuel, with its geometric extravaganza and the mythical bird figures along with a very realistically looking tiger or a big cat creature.

    In addition, this is a large pot measuring 10 1/2 inches tall by 7 1/2 inches wide.

  • Item No.: MO.412
  • Artist: Manuel Rodriguez Guillen
  • Size: 10 1/2 in H x 7 1/2 in D
  • Price: 780